Mortal Kombat X Tips and tricks

Mortal Kombat X Tips and Tricks will help you in winning the fights

Mortal Kombat X Tips and Tricks

It is not easy to survive in the game for longer. Moreover, the tricky levels of the game will keep you occupied for the maximum amount of time. If you think that you won’t be able to go further with the game, then just read the below-mentioned tips and tricks. These tips will enable you to progress in the game swiftly:

    • If you are tired of waiting for your heroes to recharge then you can make use of Souls as they will help you to cut the waiting times. However, if you do not want to use your game currency then try buying more heroes.
    • You can develop several teams of group of three, which will help you to switch between the heroes, so that you can play the game without waiting times.
    • Use the Gold Coins to purchase silver characters and upgrades. Or simply try these Mortal Kombat X cheats.
    • The Silver Coins should be used for purchasing random cards, which will be useful for your game.
    • You can perform some of the special attacks by building an energy bar, which can be done through attacking or receiving damage.
    • Whenever you enter a new tower, be careful as all those changes that you have made on the current tower will be reset.
    • Each fight will consume energy from your team so keep a track on the health meter of your characters.
    • Whenever you feel that there is a danger of your character dying, substitute the character right away with another one.
    • As you are playing in a team, you have the chance to fight on your own or you can switch out characters as and when required.
    • Your game team can be customized from the main Menu area. You can edit your team before you leave for the next battle.
    • Always keep a track on the energy that a specific team has left.
    • If you are stuck up on a tricky level of the game and feel that you are going to lose, then the best option at that time is to call for an ally to help you out.
    • You can even fight other people online in Faction Wars.
    • As you progress through the main campaign, it will level up your character’s general stats. Thus, you can improve some of the abilities of the character by paying in-game currency.
    • If you want to create a more powerful version of an item, then simply fuse multiple item cards of the same type.
    • Don’t get extremely engrossed in the game and forget that you are playing it as a team battle game.

Keep the aforesaid tips in your mind while playing your favourite game as they will help you to survive in the battles for longer, irrespective of how powerful your opponent is in the game. Have fun!

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